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Jackie Kilgore


Jackie lives in Grand Ledge, MI with her husband, Justin (who you may see on occasion as he is super supportive and likes to pitch in and help out when needed).  Justin and Jackie have three adult children and three pets.  We love to be outdoors, fish, walk, go to the beach and explore.

Jackie began casually pet sitting in 2015 because she loves pets and knows how hard it is to leave them.  In 2020 her casual pet sitting blended with Paw City Pet Care.

Julie Myers

Pet Sitter

Julie lives in Grand Ledge, MI.  She has a Belgium Malinois named Bella. Julie is Jackie's Mom and is was Paw City Pet Care's first employee in 2020.  

Julie enjoys reading, traveling, lakes and walking.

She loves spending time with pets, especially large dogs in the Shepherd family.

Brianna Taylor

Pet Sitter

Brianna earned her BS in Zoology at MSU in 2021.  Currently, Brianna is an MSU veterinary student and will graduate with the class of 2025, which has been her biggest childhood dream. Brianna is originally from Gaylord, MI and loves to hike, read, travel, and spend time with animals. I'm excited to be part of the Paw City family and look forward to meeting many new faces, animal and human alike!

Michaela Mosher

Certified Groomer

Michaela graduated from the Paragon School of Pet Grooming.  She joined the Paw City Pet Care team in 2020 and offers mobile nail trimming services in the comfort of your home.

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Pet Sitter

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Pet Sitter